Shipping & Help

Coupon Quantity 

      How many coupons are in each batch / lot ?   The answer is easy, to keep everything uniform every sellers clips in counts of 15 coupons.

Return / Cancelation Policy

Once paid for orders can not be returned or canceled for any reason. Due to the time sensitive nature we must strictly enforce this rule. No refund, credit or exchange will be issued.


Our sellers offer several methods of shipping. Please select the method that will best serve your delivery needs, security and time frame.


        The most common shipping method. (2-14 days) Averages 3-4 for most, 2 if you are local. Our Sellers offer FREE Shipping on orders of $1.00 or more. No Tracking and no Insurance and at your own risk. No refund for orders that do not arrive or are late.


       The best option. (2-4 days). Average is 3 for most. Priority is Trackable and comes with up to $50.00 of insurance. It's not a guaranteed delivery time but its usually one of the best options for speed and larger orders.


        This is for buyers who would like a piece of mind as these orders come in a nice padded brown envelope and are tracked by the seller. Averages 2-7 days. Good for small to medium orders. Not insured and at your our risk.

   4.) Priority Express 

        The fastest option. Averages 1-2 business days and comes with tracking and up to $100.00 of insurance. Speed comes at a price as this option is expensive. 


Be sure you are signed up for INFORMED DELIVERY from the USPS. This is where you will view and track all of your orders. Every order will come across your informed delivery dash board. 


The Coupon Clippers Marketplace and its sellers are not responsible for items lost, stolen, mis-directed or damaged in the mail. Do not report or question any order that is not trackable or insured, as sellers are banned from doing anything for you as you took on the risk of loss. 



  One of the great features of the Coupon Clippers Marketplace is the stock photo feature. Sellers get access to our image database. This allows the seller to place our picture of the coupon in the listing. This helps you to actually see the coupon you are ordering.  Please contact us if any image is not correct and we will take care of it.



        Sellers do not have a minimum order. They do have the right to limit or adjust the maximum amount you can purchase.


Expiration Dates

Be very careful as sellers offer coupons that may be expired. Expiration dates are in the picture, in the title and in the description so its almost impossible to make a mistake. Some buyers and some stores are able to use expired coupons. We can't dumb down the site because a selection few can't take the time to read. Be sure to leave yourself the correct amount of time and be sure to select the fastest shipping method to fit your needs as no refund, exchange or credit will ever be issued. 



 The checkout and inventory operate in real time. Items are not placed on hold for you. It is possible for item to be sold out by the time you go to checkout. If you are after a really hot coupon and the seller has a limited amount you should consider checking out fast. 



You can view each sellers current stock right in the listing. The inventory operates in real time as is updated every time an order is paid for.



  Due to the huge volume and the complex work clipping and filling orders we are mail order only. No sellers is permitted to take order outside the site or allow for pick up.


Typographical Errors

The Coupon Clippers Marketplace and its sellers are not responsible Typographical Errors. Every effort is made to get the listings right. If we make an error in the listing we are sorry. Sometimes errors are made, for example a coupon is listed as $1/1 and its really a $1/3. if there is not a picture be sure to ask us or the sellers to confirm if you suspect the date is off or the coupon is to good to be true.  We do not issue returns / credit/ Refunds for typographical errors, requests for such shall be grounds for account termination. 


 Liability: The owners, sellers and admin's accept no liability for sales, purchases, downloads, deals, transactions, and shares made on the Coupon Clippers Marketplace. You agree that you understand that all transactions made on this site reflect payment for the time in locating, sourcing, listing, sorting, cutting, packing, pricing, hosting, storage and shipping of your orders and not for the actual coupons themselves.


Questions, please Contact Us with your order number and details.