Coupon Clippers Marketplace

Seller Rules and FAQ Answers.


1.) Sellers at Coupon Clippers Marketplace are free to price your coupons any way you like.

2.) Sellers must offer Free Shipping for orders of $1 or more.

3.) Sellers must respond to Admin's email within 48 hours.

4.) Sellers may only offer coupons in batches of 15.

5.) Sellers may not list anything other than clipped manufacturer coupons from Smartsouce, Retailmenot or P&G inserts.

6.) Sellers must except any moves, changes or decisions of the admin.

7.) Sellers may not refund, credit or exchange coupons for a buyer for any reason or cancel a sale.

8.) Seller fees must be paid in full before new coupons can be added to the site.

9.) Sellers may not contact buyers outside of the site.

10.) Sellers may not share any information found on the site with anyone. You may not discuss or disclose any fees, commissions or other financial information. 


Liability: The owners, sellers and admin's accept no liability for sales, purchases, downloads, deals, transactions, and shares made on the Coupon Clippers Marketplace. You agree that you understand that all transactions made on this site reflect payment for the the time in locating, sourcing, listing, sorting, cutting, packing, pricing, hosting, storage and shipping of your orders and not for the actual coupons themselves.


Why sell on Coupon Clippers Marketplace ?


Selling on the Coupon Clippers Marketplace is very easy. It's your coupon clipping service, run it your way. It takes very little of your time as you send the coupons to us and we handle the pulling, packing, payments and shipping from one of our New York locations. You are free to price your lots any way you like. You are free to advertise your listings and your personal storefront. You have your own log in, admin page, control panel, access to our image database and bulk import features. You have a report feature to view your profits and more. 

Once you pass the application process and pay the onboarding fee we will explain the finer points, commission and how the shipping to us works. 


 The down side is we are not taking new applications at this time.