Proper couponing can help you build a large stockpile. Stockpiling is a great wat to take advantage of all the coupon deals that come out at different times of the year. Soup in the winter, ketchup, barbeque sauce and other condiments in the summer. Buy extra of those item to last throughout the year is a great plan.  You have to take advantage of these deals but you also have to be smart as stocking up on any item you don't use or buying 200 bottles of mustard is just a waste of the money you are trying to save.


Be sure to store items in a cool and dry place. Shelving that can handle the work load is key. Stacking large bottles of Tide or Oxiclean on some of these plastic shelves is just asking for a crash. Be sure to practice good stock rotation, first in is first out. Don't be afraid to date your purchases and even add the price you paid. 


Bonus Cards

Be sure to always sign up for and use the stores loyalty card and get yourself on there email and mailing lists. A good tip is to create and email address just for all these savings and bonus accounts. It just makes it easier to separate your personal emails from your shopping. Red Lobster sends out several emails per week along with many other companies, having an account helps manage all of them.  The cards are a way for the store to better see what you buy, the prices at which you pay and how often you shop at that store. They usually adjust the marketing to your lifestyle. If you have cat or dog, a baby or you are always buy the same item over and over you should see an increase in offers geared toward that aspect of your shopping.


Credit / Debit Cards

Do not pay cash. Use a credit or Debit Card that offers some type of reward, cash back, air line miles, ect… Be sure to read what you are signing up for. You want a card with no annual fees and no limits on earnings. Some cards will give you extra points for gas and food other will offer extra miles or cash back. Some store cards give better discounts if you pay with their card. You may need to have more than one card to get the best value for your spending needs but be sure to pay it right back as soon as possible to avoid interest payments.